Nerd Farmer: “Holy Crap 2017 Was a Mess,” A Year End Reporters’ Roundtable

December 24, 2017

Nate sat down with three local journalist to discuss the national and local stories of the year, newsmaker of the year (hint: it’s not all Trump), and stories to watch in 2018.

Nate gave his opinion and tried (as much as possible) to avoid talk of the President.

Hot Take 5:

  1. Who or what do you read?
  2. What is your favorite podcast? (The answers WILL surprise you.)
  3. What’s your take on the new mayors in Tacoma and Seattle, respectively?
  4. What is the best thing you’ve read in 2017?
  5. As Santa, give a local politician a gift. What is it?

Featured News:

“Me, Too” Article in New York Times

Matt Driscoll Criminalization of Homelessness

Heather Heyer NY Times Article

Tavis Smiley Allegations

What Happened in Charlottesville?

Burien Election Heated

Robert Mueller Investigation

Bob Ferguson’s Lawsuits Against Trump

What to Read:

Seattle Times

The News Tribune

Washington Post: Chris Mooney


Chris Hardwick: The Nerdist

The Daily

Best Thing Read in 2017:

The Making of an American Nazi: Andrew Anglin

Salma Hayek NY Times Article

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

For More Information:

Me, Too Movement

The Socials

Will James Twitter

Elisa Hahn Twitter

Kate Martin Twitter

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