Crossing Division: Homelessness in Pierce County

January 11, 2018

Crossing Division is Tacoma’s talk show. We look for the issues dividing our community and look for ways to talk it out and, hopefully, cross that division.

Today’s guests discuss the rising issues surrounding homelessness in Pierce County. Will James, reporter at KNKX, gives the lay of the land on what’s happening with homelessness right now. Rob McNair-Huff shares what providers like MDC are doing for services to people experiencing homelessness. And then two guests, Joseph Diaz and Kathy Turner, share their views


  • Will James – reporter, KNKX
  • Rob McNair-Huff – communications, Metropolitan Development Council
  • Kathy Turner – former Puyallup City Council member and real estate agent
  • Joseph Diaz – homeless advocate

This Episode’s Host: Julie Anderson

Crossing Division is in the Channel 253 podcast network.

Hosts and Credits

Regular hosts are Julie Anderson, Justin Camarata, and Dave Jones.
Producer is Erik Hanberg.
Sound by Doug Mackey.
Theme written and performed by Doug Mackey.
Logo by Sean Alexander.
Special thanks to KNKX for allowing us to record in their studio.

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