Why local podcast advertising?

These consumers are difficult to reach through traditional means: they are more likely to have “cut the cord” and currently the best way to reach them is through social media marketing: a difficult task often fraught with enormous potential risk. Podcast advertising marries the trust a listener places in a host to the sponsor. Whether through a short short pre-recorded promotion or a “live read” by the host, ads on podcasts are highly effective for reaching these consumers.

Podcast advertising also gives an enormous opportunity for a sponsor to reach the same audience with a high frequency for those who choose to advertise over multiple episodes of the same podcast.


Surveys from Midroll suggest that podcast listeners are generally better educated, are more technologically savvy, and have more disposable income than the average consumer. They also frequently come with an intense loyalty to a podcast host (perhaps natural after listening to literally hours of a person talk into their ear) and trust recommendations that come from the host.

Channel 253 serves the fastest-growing* county in the United States (*from people moving from other counties).

Tacomans are a perfect target for podcast advertising: many commute to Seattle and have hours to fill in the car with their favorite shows.


The Channel 253 network is on track for 75,000 to 100,000 listens over the next six months. Channel 253 expects intense initial interest in its first year as the network expands and new podcasts are added regularly. We are currently seeking sponsors network-wide or for individual podcasts.

Email Erik Hanberg for a rate sheet and to learn more about partnering with Channel 253.